The best way to Capture All Famous Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl the total number of Pokemon to 493. Among the Pokemon available in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl you will find 14 legendary Pokemon. Catch all legendary Pokemon to increase to the top and become the top trainer in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.
When it appears time to actually capture the


legendary Pokemon, you may use one of two methods: the Master Ball method or even the battle method. The Master Ball method simply involves throwing a Master Ball at the legendary Pokemon and catching it, since Master Balls have a very 100 percent capture rate. You normally only obtain one Master Ball throughout the game, but techniques of getting more Master Balls in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.
Master Balls can be obtained as a reward for that lottery in Jubilife City. Of course, that is completely random. You could play each day for two weeks and wind up with 14 Master Balls, or you could end up with practically nothing. You can also trade or import Master Balls. Attach your Master Ball to a Pokemon from of the Game Boy Advance Pokemon games and then import it from the Pal Park. Alternatively, trade a valuable item or Pokemon for any Master Ball with another player in the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
The battle method involves catching all legendary Pokemon exactly like you would another Pokemon: weaken it in battle, inflict it with a status like sleep or paralysis, and throw Poke Balls and hope for that best. Use Ultra Balls just for this method. Make sure you always save your game before battling the legendary Pokemon, so that you will won't miss out on catching it should you accidentally knock out.
Pokemon Gold and Silver had Ho-Oh and Lugia, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire had Kyogre and Groudon and after this Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have Dialga and Palkia. These are the two main legendary Pokemon printed on the game box and you will only have the chance capture one depending on which version you're playing. Dialga appears in Pokemon Diamond while Palkia shows up in Pokemon Pearl.
You'll encounter Dialga or Palkia at the very best of Mt. Coronet after battling your path through countless Team Galactic Grunts and turning off their leader, Cyrus, forever. Dialga or Palkia will appear immediately after beating Cyrus, but you'll have to actually walk up to either legendary Pokemon and press "A" prior to the battle starts. Save your game and heal first should you're likely to use the battle method, then go care for business. Dialga, a steel and dragon type, can best be weakened with ground and fighting attacks. Palkia, a water and dragon type, should succumb to dragon attacks.

The lake guardians really are a trio of legendary Pokemon who appear when you defeat Team Galactic and capture either Dialga or Palkia. These three psychic legendary Pokemon are located in Sinnoh's three lakes, Lake Acuity, Lake Verity, and Lake Valor. You'll find catching Uxie and Azelf being fairly straight foward. For Uxie, go to the cavern at Lake Acuity and initiate battle. Head towards the cavern in Lake Valor to find Azelf.


Mesprit decides it wants to be more of a nuisance than its siblings. When you approach Mesprit, it is going to run away in lieu of battle you. Just like the three legendary beasts in Pokemon Gold and Silver or Latios and Latias in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Mesprit can be a roaming legendary Pokemon and it's going to now come in a random location in Sinnoh. Your best bet is to put a quantity 50 Pokemon at the front of your party, apply some Max Repel, and wander through regions of tall grass until you track Mesprit down.
All three Pokemon are near level 50 and so are weak against bug, ghost, and dark type attacks.
To finish catching all legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl you will have to obtain the National Pokedex by speaking with Professor Rowen aftering seeing at least 150 different Sinnoh Pokemon. Doing so will give you the opportunity to trap three new legendary Pokemon.
Activate the roaming legendary Pokemon Cresselia by going to Canalave City. read more Go for the southernmost house on the west side in the city and you will find that Sailor Eldritch's son is sick. Talk to Eldritch out of doors and he'll offer you a ride to Fullmoon Island to obtain the Lunar Wing item for stopping his son. Follow the straightforward path to the center from the island, and you'll see the legendary Pokemon Cresselia lying in wait. Approach it and press "A," and it's going to flee, leaving the Lunar Wing behind. Give the item on the sailor. Cresselia will appear randomly somewhere in Sinnoh, so track it down exactly like Mesprit. Cresselia is level 50 and weak to bug, dark, and ghost attacks.
Head to Stark Mountain (go ahead and take ferry from Snowpoint City) capture the legendary Pokemon Heatran. You'll meet a trainer named Buck and help him defeat the remnants of Team Galactic to recover an item referred to as Magma Stone. Afterwards, follow Buck to his grandfather's house in Fight Area on the west. At his grandfather's instructions, Buck returns the Magma Stone to its rightful devote Stark Mountain. Once he does, it is possible to return on the mountain and battle the fire and steel type Heatran. It will be at level 70 and weak against fighting, ground, and water attacks.
Capture Giratina in Turnback Cave (positioned in Sendoff Spring, on the east of Route 214). We unfortunately can't give you exact directions here since Turnback Cave's layout is randomized in each and every game. In general, though, make an effort to follow the odd patterns for the floor. When you reach Giratina, note that it's level 70 and from the ghost and dragon types. Weaken it with ghost, dragon, dark, or ice attacks.

Import Registeel, Regirock, and Regice from the copy of Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald so that you can awaken Regigigas in Snowpoint Temple. Regigigas appears at level 70 which is only weak against fighting type attacks.


Import the water-type Manaphy from your copy of Pokemon Ranger. It will come in the form of an egg, which you are able to hatch by carrying the egg inside your party and walking on until it eventually hatches. You'll then must breed Manaphy using a Pokemon for instance a Ditto so that you can obtain another egg. This egg will hatch an additional legendary Pokemon, Phione.
At now you'll really need three Pokemon before it is possible to say you've captured all legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, however the final three are only able to be obtained using an event item. These items receive out on set dates within the Wi-Fi network. You could also trade having a friend willing to give up the item or readily Action Replay to find the Pokemon using a cheat code, but remember that Pokemon obtained by cheat codes aren't considered legitimate.
You'll need the Member Card to encounter Darkrai, Oak's Letter to get Shaymin, and Azure Flute to have Arceus. The Member Card was not available since September 2009. Oak's Letter went out of distribution in November 2009. The Azure Flute, however, has yet to get distributed so you'll still use a chance to acquire a legitimate Arceus when Nintendo decides to release them. We'll update this as soon as we hear news about its release date.

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